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The “ULTIMATE” Print-Head Nozzle Cleaning Systems
eCCo-clean is a world leader in the research and development of desktop ink-jet print-head cleaning technology. Our systems and nozzle cleaning kits are unique in design and method of use. We provide easy to follow comprehensive photographic illustrations and instructions in plain English, no technical jargon! Our eCCo-clean print-head cleaning fluid is made to a formula that has been proven in tests to work with all water based inks, please note: pigmented ink used in desktop ink-jet printers uses a water based suspension as is dye ink; our fluid does not contain glycerine and is fully compatible with desktop ink-jet printers. The fluid contains non-ionic surfactant to lower the surface tension of the cleaning fluid and printer ink; aiding in the dispersion of nano ink particles. No heating of the fluid is necessary, simply use straight out of the bottle. Please note: the systems are designed to clean the stubborn deposits of ink, congealed sediment and paper dust from the printer nozzles; the system can not revive broken or faulty print-heads. All trade marks belong to their respective owners. E&OE  
Illustrated is the “ULTIMATE” print-head cleaning system MK2. We also stock Individual print-head cleaning kits for desktop ink-jet printers including: Brother™  Advent™ Epson™ HP™ Lexmark™ Canon™ Kodak™
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